Our ambassadors program

The ambassador program is an opportunity for anyone to be a part of improving the mental health of under-resourced children by offering us your skills, knowledge, network and/or monthly financial support.

Help out

Contribute to our community in your way and support us so that we can help the kids.


Get to network with other ambassadors from around the globe and expand your network.


Take on ownership over volunteer projects that you're interested in and develop new skills.


Be one of the first 100 ambassadors and help Little Lions grow as an organization.

From €5,95,- / R95,- a month


You become an ambassador of our organization because you support the cause and believe in what we do. You’ll watch from the sideline, and support us by a monthly donation and we will:

  • Keep you updated through our Inner Lion newsletter
  • Give you access to behind the scenes content on Instagram
You can cancel at anytime
From €12,95,- / R210,- a month


You become an ambassador because you like to get involved, become part of our pride and play an important role in making us grow. You support us by a monthly donation, sharing your skills, knowledge and your network and we will:

  • Keep you updated through our Inner Lion newsletter
  • Give you access to behind the scenes content on Instagram
  • Give you the chance to sign up and work on ambassador projects for Little Lions
  • Send you a hands on ambassador toolkit
  • Make you a face of our organization and get a spot on our pride wall
  • Invite you to yearly exclusive Little Lions events
You can cancel at anytime

Where does the money flow?


Percent of all donations go directly to Little Lions Child Coaching.


Will give us the opportunity to give 32 kids a meal during our workshops.


Kids you can help a year with becoming an ambassador with a monthly donation of €12,95,-

Ambassador projects

Only as a hands-on ambassador you get the chance to take on projects together with other ambassadors. When there are new projects available, we will inform you through our newsletter in which you can sign up for a project. Down below you can have a look at some of the projects that already have been done by ambassadors.


Maeve helped with portraying the coaches and documenting the workshops in pictures.


Amy wrote the Themba story used in the workshops to teach kids about qualities and is now turned in our first children's book.

Currently 3 projects available

Become a hands-on ambassador, and get sign up for an ambassador project yourself.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, joining Little Lions or simply finding out more, please get in touch!


Your support helps us to achieve our mission of creating a generation of resilient and confident children.

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