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Our narrative is one of transformation.

We envision a world where every child’s journey into adulthood is marked by a profound understanding of their mental well-being and a resilient spirit. 

This vision is our guiding light, inspiring us to craft a future where professional education is coupled with real-life experiences.

In 2018, Stijn de Leeuw embarked on a courageous journey. Departing from his role as a child psychologist in Amsterdam, he ventured to the new and vibrant landscapes of Cape Town, igniting a new chapter as a PhD candidate at the esteemed University of Cape Town.

As Stijn delved into his studies, his path converged with the lives of two under-resourced communities, known as townships, situated just an hour’s drive from Cape Town. It was here that a poignant truth emerged – a lack of mental support for those that perhaps need it the most.

With each interaction, a transformative narrative began to unfold. Stijn’s journey illuminated not only the absence of mental support but also the pressing need to alter the narrative. A vision was born – a vision that would soon become the foundation for Little Lions.

As the threads of the story intertwined, a solution began to take shape. Understanding the pressing need for accessible psychological help amidst the challenges of poverty and violence, Stijn’s determination surged. The South African National Development Plan 2030, however, remained silent on the topic of basic mental health support for vulnerable communities.

With the launch of the Academy in 2021, Little Lions took a big step towards normalising mental health conversations. Local role models have been educated and are employed as mental health coaches, spreading the word about the importance of being mentally strong.

Little Lions now has a team of 8 mental health coaches, is active in 4 townships, and have now given over 1100 free workshops.

A local role model, Nicko, stepped in to bridge the language gap, igniting a shift in the narrative. With Nicko’s guidance, conversations about mental health found their way into the hearts of the children. Demand surged, outpacing the workshop spaces available. It was time for transformation, and Iza joined the team, propelling Little Lions’ growth behind the scenes!

In 2021, the dawn of the Academy marked a milestone. Local role models turned mental health coaches, sharing the importance of mental strength, expanded Little Lions’ impact. A team of 8 coaches now stood strong, touching the lives of children in 4 townships through over 1,100 workshops.

Dreams are no longer distant. Little Lions’ mission, to equip every child with a resilient mind and a profound understanding of their mental well-being, was taking shape. In 2022, 8 new coaches were primed to extend the impact in local townships. The launch of the Ambassador Programme promised an avenue for collective support, uniting hearts and hands in the pursuit of change.


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Stijn de Leeuw

Founding director and child psychologist

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Meet the frontrunners of our organisation, a team of mental health professionals based in Cape Town with a passion for people.


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