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Want to take action? Organise your own fundraiser! Get in contact with us about your fundraising ideas and we can support you with guidelines of how to do it and share content to use. Some examples of previous fundraise events down below:

Sweet dreams campaign


By buying a pillow, donors would provide children with sweet dreams, literally and figuratively.
With every donation of €20,- a pillow was gifted and a child would be invited to a mental health workshop.

Total raised: €1.500 by 29 donors

Launched in: Germany and The Netherlands

Cuddle campaign


During the pandemic, giving someone a cuddle wasn’t allowed, but very needed.

For €10,- donors could purchase a toy cuddle, send them a message and gift them access to mental health workshops.

Total raised: €2.050 by 108 donors

Launched in: The Netherlands and South Africa

Private fundraiser


Sharing the Little Lions fundraising pitch deck amongst friends and family of our Ambassadors in United Kingdom.

Total raised: £4000

Launched in: United Kingdom

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