Be a Catalyst for Change

Your support is a beacon of hope for young minds in townships around Cape Town. With your generous donation, you can help illuminate the path towards emotional well-being and resilience.

Investing in Workshops

€12,95: Provide access to 12 workshop sessions, empowering a single child with the tools to navigate their emotions and challenges.

€130: Illuminate the future for 10 children, enabling them to complete a comprehensive 12-workshop course, fostering growth and understanding of mental health.

Empowering Local Role Models

€125: Use the potential of a local role model, enabling them to join our Academy and become a dedicated mental health coach, guiding children towards a brighter future.

€205: Emphasise a coach’s impact by supporting their monthly salary, ensuring a sustained presence of support and guidance in children’s lives.

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Your support helps us to achieve our mission of creating a generation of resilient and confident children.

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