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Normalizing mental health conversations is the aim of the Little Lions workshops. By playing both fun and positive games, based on psychological methods, the topic ‘mental health’ is brought to children in the townships of Cape Town and Stellenbosch.

For every child to enter adulthood with an understanding of their own mental health.

The three pillars the workshops are built on are: becoming more resilient, building confidence, and creating more emotional awareness.


Three weeks long, from Monday to Thursday children join the workshops, which are positive based and focused on prevention. The themes of emotional awareness, qualities, coping and resilience are constantly repeated over 12 sessions with the children. Upon completion, they have built a toolkit that helps them normalize mental health conversations.


The workshops are accessible for children between 8 and 13 years old.


In their own street, we put 10 chairs out and host workshops there. We go to the children, instead of having them come to a fixed spot. Easy accessible and in a safe space is what is important in terms of location.


Child psychologist Stijn de Leeuw, together with his advisory team of psychologists from the Netherlands, created 12 one-hour-long sessions that use games, songs, meditation, arts and crafts to create more resilient minds.

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