Global Citizenship

Meet Little Lions, an organization that is committed to making children in townships in South Africa mentally stronger through after-school workshops.

Are you committed to South Africa?


You Do

Fundraising campaign of your choice (e.g. sponsored walk)

You Get

- Little Lions Workshop on mental health
- Contribute to the theme Global Citizenship

Little Lions Get

Financial support to make even more children worldwide more mentally resilient.

Orientation of yourself and the world

Make a Difference

By working together with Little Lions, Dutch children learn more about their position in the world and can experience how much fun it is to make a difference for someone else.

Learn about yourself

Dutch primary school children also benefit from learning about their own qualities, resilience and emotional development.


We bring two worlds together and join forces.

Our Mission

In the shadow of economic inequality, we stand as a beacon of light for the children who will lead South Africa into its future. Our mission is vibrant with compassion and determination: to shape a future where every child, regardless of his or her circumstances, emerges as a resilient and powerful individual.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help children from disadvantaged neighborhoods become mentally stronger by creating a 'community' of mental health coaches, so that together we can promote emotional well-being that can withstand the storms of life – making us the leaders of tomorrow.

Why is this help so desperately needed?

Children around Cape Town grow up in extreme circumstances, where poverty, violence, sexual abuse and parental alcohol abuse are a daily occurrence.
Psychological help is lacking, there are only 451 psychologists in the entire country (with approximately 68 million inhabitants) and these are not available for children in townships.
0% of the national healthcare budget goes to mental health.
Thanks to the Little Lions workshops, these children have a greater chance of academic success, 84% of the children also report having more self-confidence, and the risk of dropping out of school is reduced.

School Toolkit

Enhance the theme of Global Citizenship in Dutch primary schools with our comprehensive toolkit. We understand teachers are incredibly busy, so we've designed a solution that includes all necessary materials, ensuring schools have everything they need.

Teacher Iris, OBB Blaricum

“You are very enthusiastic, it is special how you are committed to the foundation, easy and easily accessible and great how you arrange materials and pick up things. I really enjoyed working with you and for a wonderful cause. “

The OBB in Blaricum organized a sponsored run and started working on the Little Lions games in the classroom. The children raised no less than 4,000 euros!

Do You Want To Know More?

If you’re interested in knowing more about the school campaign, send a message to Marjolein from Little Lions, coordinator of school action in the Netherlands. Email:

Call: +31614906815


Your support helps us to achieve our mission of creating a generation of resilient and confident children.